Bec Cranford


Bec Cranford is a self-identified Bapticostal-misfit from Atlanta, Georgia floating in the mystical world of ecumenism and interfaith conversations. She’s also one tough mother and an urban missiologist wrestling with just practices and charity.

Bec grew up in southern-fried “churchianity.” She has known pain and anger, grief and struggle. But she has also been loved. Bec is eager to work towards ecumenicism, interfaith, and love. She believes in the Church, despite her own hypocrisy and the pain we all have experienced.

Bec has worked in churches, nonprofits, and in higher education. Previously, Bec taught at Candler School of Theology as a contextual education supervisor from 2015 until 2022. Bec served as the Director of Community for Wildgoose Festival, as well as their volunteer coordinator from 2017-2020. And from 2012 until 2022, Bec spent her time as the Director of Community Engagement at Gateway Center, Atlanta’s largest homeless service agency. 

When Bec’s not hanging out with her dope family, you can find her hitting the trails of Georgia or painting wild icons. She makes a little money offering church consulting, spiritual direction, and nonprofit and ministry consulting; leading group retreats; teaching, writing, and preaching; and marrying folks.

Bec really likes sitting on her front porch with friends, having conversations about life, God, and everything in between. She likes speaking in tongues and drinking apple pie moonshine.